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Andrew Kennedy

A senior creative professional with 28 years diverse experience in design, games, knowledge management, outsourcing and software industries.

More recently, Andrew has been the Managing Director of Moviestorm Limited, who under his guidance, have been transformed from a £1m+ per annum loss-making company, into a profitable enterprise that is successfully selling their creative software solutions into mainstream education.

With a proven personal skillset that includes company direction, new business, production strategy and creative solutions, Andrew is ideally placed to nurture your educational software, delivering a sales-focussed product strategy and production direction.

Adrian Hall

Adrian Hall was Programme Director for educational software to the UK’s Department for Education for over 10 years. Adrian’s responsibilities, within the ICT in Schools Division at the Department of Education, included developing the government’s policy in relation to the educational software industry, commissioning new and innovative curriculum software, including software to work on mobile devices, and developing thinking on the use of games in education.

Since leaving the Department Adrian has focused on commercial work with a wide range of innovative software companies, supporting and leading their International Business Development. He continues to have a highly respected profile in the use of mobile, game and social media technologies for learning, and is regularly invited to speak at educational conferences throughout the world.