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Products with a solid pedagogical background

Owned and supported by the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), which is judged to be the world's leading centre for education and applied social science, and ranked the world's number 1 in education research.

"The IOE is committed to these products as practical examples of learning based in games and simulations. We plan to continue research and development with them in partnership with teachers and other educators."

Professor Andrew Burn
Professor of English, Drama and Media at the UCL IoE
Co-director of the DARE collaborative


Creative role-play, storyboarding and animation

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Rapidly create 3D first-person computer games

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Krucible's virtual laboratories bring physics to life

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Filmmaking software for media studies and blended learning

Engage all your students with a new creative medium, whilst supporting their core learning and improving grades. Visit their website to read more

"My students are already discovering new ways to utilise Moviestorm for class assignments, choosing this over other presentation styles. Who wouldn't want a fully made animated movie to communicate your understanding of a subject?"

Steven Caldwell
MLC School, Australia

Moviestorm Unlimited

Complete suite of filmmaking tools, suitable for ages 14+

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Moviestorm Junior

Complete filmmaking suite of tools, suitable for all ages

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