Allows teachers and children to explore different curriculum areas through the medium of animation

Creative role-play, picture making, storyboarding and animation software

The multi-award-winning Kar2ouche solution includes the core software and over 50 subject-specific titles, and is for use in schools but also by parents for their children to use at home.

An introduction to Kar2ouche

How to use Kar2ouche

In Use

Students in the classroom or at home can compose multi-media role-plays, storyboards, movies and animations onscreen in minutes using drag and drop commands. Each title comes with a themed library of resources including characters, sounds, backgrounds, props and a comprehensive Teacher Support Pack. They can:

  • compose pictures, storyboards, animations, publications or movies by adding characters, backgrounds and props

  • record voices and add sound effects

  • create and import images

  • share work as QuickTime movies or editable Kar2ouche files.

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

  • Encourages creative self-expression.

  • Engages learners to develop narration and storytelling.

  • Fuels collaboration, peer discussion and debate.

  • Stimulates an interest in writing.

  • Offers teachers a canvas for almost any lesson topic across the curriculum.

"The simplicity of the software makes it a pleasure to use...Kar2ouche provided the basis for detailed discussions about the content of the pupils' writing...including some of the boys who are reluctant writers"

Primary School Head

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