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Kar2ouche: Starting French

Four 7 year old students during one French lesson. Greenmere Primary School, Oxfordshire. After studying vocabulary from an activity 'Dans la Salle de Classe' students were given their first opportunity to practise speaking French. They opened a storyboard provided as part of the activity that involved a character asking a series of questions in French. They then added characters and the correct props, and practised recording their answers to finish the storyboard.

This demonstrates their understanding of the language and their pronunciation skills.

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Kar2ouche: Developing French

Two 14 year old students during a French lesson. Sedgehill School, London. After studying vocabulary from one of the activities in the 'Leisure Time' section, the students watched one of the storyboards provided. This showed a role-play of various boys asking a girls to go out on a date. The students then had to complete the storyboard and record their own voices to show the outcome.

The storyboard demonstrates that they have understood the language, and practised their French speaking skills.

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Kar2ouche: Elements & Atoms

Using the text and audio provided in Kar2ouche the students researched how ideas developed about Elements & Atoms. They then produced this storyboard showing the development of ideas from Democritus to Dalton, choosing characters and scenery and adding their own speech and thought bubbles.

The finished storyboard shows that they have understood the context and controversies within which these discoveries were made.

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Kar2ouche: Macbeth - The Three Witches

Bishop Wordsworth Grammar School, Wiltshire. After studying Act 1, scene 1 of Macbeth, the students created this animation.

Using scenery, posing characters and props and introducing special effects the students have been able to produce a highly creative storyboard which shows the context, setting and relationships between the characters and their intensions at the beginning of the play.

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