Cross Curriculum

Kar2ouche provides a unique and fun way of developing students' knowledge across the curriculum through exploration, discussion and visualisation.

Each title comes with a Teacher Support Pack, available in the downloads section of this site.

On the Farm: ICT across the Curriculum (KS2)

Students learn about life on a farm.

On the Farm: ICT Across the Curriculum focuses on the use of ICT across six different curriculum areas: Literacy, Maths, Science, PSHE, Geography and History.

Students have the opportunity to listen to accounts of life on a farm and write stories based on farming. They carry out mathematical calculations, make decisions about the welfare of animals and crops, before investigating food types, habitats, food chains and webs. Students also consider land use on farms, global footprint and learn about technological developments.

On the Island: Literacy, geographical and social understanding

Students learn about life on an island

On the Island provides ideas for an extended project that focuses on a holistic approach to the essentials for learning focusing, in particular, on Literacy across the curriculum.

Throughout, the activities allow children to practise and develop their: learning and thinking skills; ICT capability; personal and emotional skills as well as social skills.

These form an integral part of the activities that centre on aspects of following areas of learning:

  • understanding English, communication and languages
  • historical, geographical and social understanding
  • understanding physical development, health and wellbeing.

Providing a wealth of flexible tools, Kar2ouche also enables you to adapt the suggested activities for personalisation.

Speaking and Listening; Reading and Writing (KS2)

Supporting writing across the curriculum.

Kar2ouche Speaking & Listening; Reading & Writing provides support for those now using the new primary literacy strategy to guide teaching and learning. Each unit provides suggestions for a series of linked lessons that help learners to develop the skills necessary to write narratives, explanations, reports, persuasive and discursive texts. Each unit also involves activities that help learners to develop their speaking, listening and reading skills. Furthermore, each locates the literacy skills to be developed within a different curriculum context.

The five pre-made activities comprise:

  • Writing to Retell a Story (Literacy) - Students listen to and read a narrative poem as a stimulus for their own writing.
  • Writing to Report (Science) - Students identify the main features of a report and, using models, plan and create an entry for a children’s illustrated encyclopaedia of science.
  • Writing to Persuade (Science, PSHE and Citizenship) - Students explore how the food on offer in a fictional school canteen could be improved and research why this source for healthy eating is important for many children.
  • Writing to Explain (Geography) - Students look at planning a holiday abroad and explain how a fictional family might go about this.
  • Writing to Discuss (History) - Students discuss the statement that nothing much changed in Britain during the period of the Second World War. They create a storyboard presenting arguments for and against this view.

Functional Literacy and Customer Service (KS4)

Students learn to communicate more effectively

Functional Literacy and Customer Service gives learners the opportunity to practise communication skills relevant to life, learning and work.

This title is based around functional skills which encourage learners to develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills in a range of real-life situations and for various purposes including customer care. The title contains activities about listening, body language and communication. It also includes activities about preparation, questioning, answering and reflection for an example interview situation.