Using Kar2ouche, historical people, places and events can be brought to life in a visually stunning way. Students are encouraged to show their understanding of historic situations and produce their own creative interpretations.

Each title comes with a Teacher Support Pack, available in the downloads section of this site.

Tudors (KS 2)

Introducing Henry VIII and the Tudors.

Tudors enables students to learn about Henry VIII and his six wives, fill in a dating agency report and write articles on the breakdown of his marriages.

Using characters, backgrounds, props, sound and text, students show their writing skills by writing about life both at court and on the Golden Hind.

The activities are mapped to the Key Stage 2 curriculum for History and English.

Famous People From History (KS 1,2)

Take your students on a journey through history.

Famous People from History enable your class to study a wide period of history from BC 450 to the present day.

The characters include 19 famous people, such as kings, queens, religious leaders, explorers, inventors and writers, and a selection of modern day characters. Students create interviews or TV documentaries and are able to develop their chronological understanding, their ability to interpret and synthesise information as well as empathise with others.

Ancient Greeks (KS 2)

Discover the ancient city states of Athens and Sparta.

Ancient Greeks enables students to engage with characters including Greek warriors, gods and goddesses, and children and adults from all levels of ancient Greek life. Students can scan their own drawings or holiday photographs and use them as backgrounds.

Ten activities include Athens and Sparta; Greek armies, soldiers and fighting ships; Greek gods and goddesses; the Greek theatre; Olympic games; a Greek school; day-to-day life; Greek thinkers: Archimedes, Aristotle and Socrates; Theseus and the Minotaur; the battle of Salamis.

Egyptians (KS 2)

Recreate scenes and legends from ancient Egypt.

Egyptians features two compelling stories to give students an insight into life in ancient Egypt.

Tutankhamun's chief adviser narrates the story of the Pharaoh’s life and death.

The myth of Isis and Osiris enables students to discover the beliefs held by the people of ancient Egypt.

Romans (KS 2)

Discover what the Romans ever did for us.

Romans presents an insight into various aspects of life in Roman Britain.

Students develop their understanding of characteristic features of society in Roman settlements and make comparisons between the lifestyles of different people in Roman society. They will be encouraged to identify the different ways in which the past can be represented and recognise similarities and differences between then and now.

Vikings (KS 2)

Here come the Vikings!

Vikings helps students to find out about everyday life as a Viking.

The tales of life from the point of view of three different Vikings enable them to explore a variety of themes and develop their skills in History, English and Literacy.

In A Viking Trader’s Account, students answer a series of comprehension questions related it.

In Interview a Viking Raider, students listen use a storyboard to help them plan their interview.

In I’ll Tell You A Tale, students listen write their own version of the events of 793 AD as a poem in the style of Egil’s Praise Poem.

Victorians (KS 2)

Exploring the Victorian age.

Victorians provides a fascinating insight into this period of history. Many influential characters from the era are included, such as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Lord Shaftesbury and Florence Nightingale, as well as factory workers, chimney sweeps and schoolchildren.

You can use your own digital images into Kar2ouche, so students can set their storyboards in a Victorian building that they have visited during their study of this period.

Ten activities provide suggestions for how the software can be used to develop specific history skills.

Normans (KS 3)

Revisit the world of William the Conqueror.

Normans is mapped to the Key Stage 3 History curriculum. Students produce storyboards of events, such as:

  • Norman Conquest – why was England invaded in 1066? Students interview the thee claimants to the throne, produce a storyboard on the the Battle of Hastings, and create their own Bayeux Tapestry.
  • Norman Rule – how did the Norman Conquest change life in England?
  • Norman Kings – students produce on a documentary about William I, interrogate the people present when William Rufus died, and explore Stephen’s and Matilda's claims to the throne.
  • Church and State – students recreate a day in the life of a medieval monk and complete a storyboard about the background to Thomas Becket's murder.

World War 1 (KS 3)

Take your students into the trenches.

World War One provides students with an insight into both life in the trenches and the situation on the home front.

The characters include soldiers, civilians from all levels of society, and a selection of modern characters, enabling students to create storyboards of interviews, court cases or TV documentaries.

Five units of suggested activities are provided, aimed at Key Stage 3/4 students:

  • Why Did the War Start?
  • Why Did the War Last so Long?
  • Life on the Western Front
  • What Was it Like at Home?
  • How Did the War End?