Special Education Needs

The flexible and multi-sensory nature of Kar2ouche, makes it very effective for SEN.

Each title comes with a Teacher Support Pack, available in the downloads section of this site.

Social Communication ( KS 1,2,3)

Developing social communication skills in an unthreatening way.

Kar2ouche Social Communication was created as a result of collaboration between Kent Education Authority and Immersive Education to help support staff who need to include children with social communication difficulties in mainstream classrooms.

Many ASD students have found it difficult to relate to the specific, realistic characters provided in other Kar2ouche titles, so generic 3D wooden stick figures in various colours are used in this title. They can be posed, rotated and re-sized – just like the realistic characters that feature in other Kar2ouche titles – and students can add facial expressions to them if they wish.

The ten activities provided have been designed to help staff to address areas of difficulty, such as social communication, social interaction and empathy, and are based directly on issues raised by staff working with students with social communication difficulties in mainstream classes.

They allow students to rehearse situations, anticipate events and think about other people's perspectives. By using the computer and virtual role-play, students can deal with situations, ask questions and challenge assumptions safely and in a way that minimises frustration and anxiety.

Functional Literacy and Customer Service (KS4)

Students learn to communicate more effectively

Functional Literacy and Customer Service gives learners the opportunity to practise communication skills relevant to life, learning and work.

This title is based around functional skills which encourage learners to develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills in a range of real-life situations and for various purposes including customer care. The title contains activities about listening, body language and communication. It also includes activities about preparation, questioning, answering and reflection for an example interview situation.