For Parents

At last software that’s both fun and educational.

Support your child’s schoolwork with a product that encourages reluctant readers and writers to create storyboards, animations and publications. As addictive as a computer game but linked to the school curriculum.

Educational Benefits

Multimedia products, such as Kar2ouche, appeal to a wide range of learning preferences and have the advantage of being able to reinforce learning in a multi-sensory way through the use of visual and auditory stimuli. The fact that Kar2ouche enables pupils to create storyboards, animations and publications, plus manipulate and interpret text, also appeals to those with a preference for a kinaesthetic approach to learning.

Many children are often prevented from functioning effectively in lessons because much of the work required is based on challenging reading matter and require excellent writing skills. In Kar2ouche all of the text is provided with a sound file so that children can access information easily. Listening to increasingly complex texts extends a pupil’s vocabulary whilst also increasing his or her attention span. By following the text as they listen, children begin to recognise new words and are provided with a real context for their learning.

In addition Kar2ouche enables children to record their own voices, thus providing an alternative to writing. This provides immediate gratification and the ability to communicate with their peers in a way that increases their confidence. Once confidence has been built, the speech and thought bubbles offer the opportunity for children to write in small bite-size chunks. This can be increased gradually by requiring children to produce a paragraph in the caption window and subsequently use the writing frames and scaffolds provided in the suggested activities.

The soundfiles and recording facility can therefore be seen to enable the learner to develop greater independence and this encourages them to continue with tasks that may once have been considered dull. Using Kar2ouche makes a range of curriculum areas far more accessible to non- or early-readers and also to children whose first language is not English.

In trials, children have found multi-sensory and creative approaches motivating, non-threatening and rewarding.

What people are saying

“An astonishing piece of educational software… an almost infinite scope for creativity. Added to this it’s great fun to use”

Steve Eddy, Freelance Educational Writer

“Kar2ouche stood out for me as a piece of software so versatile and most likely to stimulate kids into creativity of their own through role play, but also to promote literacy and thinking skills”

Cheryl Barnes, Educational Consultant, Somerset

“We felt like film directors making our very own movie!”

Graeme C Primary 6 Alloway School

“It was a lot more fun than searching in books or the internet for facts about the scientists.”

13 year old from Stanborough School, Welwyn Garden City

“It was different, you could learn but it was fun and you didn't really feel like you were learning. It was interesting and exciting.”

Another 13 year old from Stanborough School, Welwyn Garden City

“A remarkable piece of software…addictive and fun”

Noel Cassidy – Times Education Supplement

“Intelligent creative stuff that makes full use of the medium… the pupils never tired of using it”

Bethan Marshall – The Guardian

“Visually the program is stunning, with excellent graphics and 3D models. It is also simple and intuitive to use.”

Guaridan Education Resources Reivew

“A Fabulous piece of software”

The Guide to Literacy Resources 2002

"This innovative software allows pupils ... to present storyboards with relative ease, offering a range of tools to add sound and backgrounds, speech and text. It provides opportunities to explore situations, appropriate behaviour, language and writing style. Pupils who prefer to think in pictures, ..., will be motivated to plan and produce their work in this framework individually or collaboratively."

Victoria Crivelli