Providing a virtual physics lab in which students can develop their understanding of key scientific concepts in a graphically-rich environment

Some science concepts can be difficult to explain - and even harder to illustrate practically in-class. But by using real-time simulation, Krucible's virtual laboratories bring physics to life.

Explore Waves, Energy and Forces: learners can run their own virtual experiments on-screen, taking measurements and plotting results, or explore 300 prepared activities and challenges - all in real time.

In Use

Krucible's four virtual laboratories create a perfect environment for learning and investigation. Graphically rich simulations instantly engage pupils of all ages. Students can:

  • plot experiment simulation data with a dynamic graph plotter

  • use a notepad to record observations

  • save and share experimental outcomes

  • complete over 150 activities and apply knowledge to more than 150 real life challenges

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

  • Demonstrates difficult physical concepts clearly.

  • Encourages students to question and explore.

  • Teaches experimental method and observational skills.

  • Ideal for whole class or individual learning.

  • Allows pupils to apply theory to real life challenges.

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