Enables teachers and students to model film sequences using virtual characters and sets, to explore curriculum content in many subject areas.

Imagine if students could experience every aspect of staging their own theatre, TV or film production - without even leaving their desk?

Script-writing, casting, set building, propping, directing, lighting, audio-recording, editing and camera skills: the MediaStage educational, virtual 3D performance tool delivers it all.

In Use

Students build and populate their sets, select their characters and arrange lighting and cameras using objects from the software library to create their drama. Character movements, lighting and cameras are in their full control. Students can:

  • Record or type in character dialogue and see it performed with automatic lip-synchronisation.
  • Control character movements, gestures and emotions.
  • Set camera positions and live edit.
  • Save and share performances.

MediaStage 2.0 includes a comprehensive Teacher Support Pack with Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 lesson plans covering three curriculum topics:

  • MediaStage and Literacy -- Modern Fairy Tale and Staging Shakespeare.
  • MediaStage and Media -- Advertising Agency and Presenting the News.
  • MediaStage and PSHE/Citizenship -- Cyber Bullying and Relationships.

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

  • Immersive experience spanning every aspect of production.

  • Brings the stage and screen to life with a click.

  • Builds confidence and skills in direction and production.

  • Activities included for Literacy, Media and PSHE/Citizenship.

  • Supports GCSE film and theatre studies.