The DARE research centre at University College London are running a competition during UK Code week to make Viking games, using their popular game-authoring tool Missionmaker.

This version of Missionmaker was designed for a project on the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf, so its environments and characters are perfect for making Viking games.

We recently made Viking games with school students and educators in Denmark and Norway – now it’s the UK’s turn!

Competition Registration

Complete the form and we will send you a link to download a free copy of Missionmaker with 3 month license, instructions and rules for the competition.

Prizes to be won!

  • Free perpetual Missionmaker site licences for the three best school entries

  • Free perpetual Missionmaker individual licences for the three best individual entries

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Watch a video showing the process of making a game in Missionmaker Beowulf

Watch a video showing game creation and the complimentary character creation tool

Missionmaker games are perfect for UK code week

  • They encourage the use of programming principles such as Boolean logic through game design
  • You learn about game design as well as coding, and produce satisfying 3D adventure games

Read about Missionmaker



This competition is open to all UK schools. It uses the popular game-making software Missionmaker – a new version developed by UCL with the British Library to make games based on Beowulf, the famous Anglo-Saxon poem.

There are two options for the competition. One is to make a Viking game. The other is to make a Beowulf game


We’re looking for games which use the history of the Vikings imaginatively, to explore why they were important in the story of what eventually became the United Kingdom. We’re also looking for games which show a strong sense of good game design, in particular how the story (events, characters, locations) and the game (missions, challenges, rewards) combine smoothly and satisfyingly for the player.


Here we’re looking for imaginative adaptations of sections of the story (not the whole thing!). We want to see thoughtful explorations of the story as well as exciting combat scenes! And as with the Viking games, we’re looking for good game designs.

Other advice about what we’re looking for will be contained in the competition pack and user guide, downloaded with the software.


  1. There are two categories: KS2 and KS3. There will be two prizes in each category: one for a game made by an individual student (a perpetual individual licence for Missionmaker); and one for a game made by a class (a perpetual site licence for the school). The winning games will be captured as videos and featured on the UCL DARE site.
  2. Schools must register via the above Contact Form to enter the competition. A link to download and installation instructions for the software will be sent to the email provided in the Contact Form to all registered schools on Monday 2nd October. Registration will close on Monday 9th October.
  3. Completed games files must be submitted before 5 pm on Friday 27th October. Instructions for submission will be sent the email provided in the Contact Form.
  4. The winners will be contacted via the email provided in the Contact Form, and the results will be announced on Thursday 30th November.

"The variety of successful curriculum contexts for MissionMaker within schools, demonstrates that games are a significant part of children’s cultural capital, and a potential expressive form which they can develop in the classroom."

Professor Andrew Burn, London Knowledge Labs, IoE/UCL

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