Enable KS3 students and above to simply create impressive 3D video games based on Beowulf, for players to enjoy.

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Watch a video showing the process of making a game in Missionmaker Beowulf, followed by a video capture of the game and a complementary tool for generating new characters.

In Use

Designed in Unity by University College London’s Knowledge Lab and the DARE research centre

  • Make impressive 3D games rapidly

  • Programme rules using Boolean logic

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

  • Learn about game design – link to Media Studies

  • Link to Beowulf and the English curriculum – make interactive narratives

  • Ideal for Key Stage 3 and above – has been trialed at KS 2 also.

Watch a Missionmaker Beowulf game made by two UCL students.

"The variety of successful curriculum contexts for MissionMaker within schools, demonstrates that games are a significant part of children’s cultural capital, and a potential expressive form which they can develop in the classroom."

Professor Andrew Burn, London Knowledge Labs, IoE/UCL

‘The  Products have been developed by Researchers within the Institute of Education at UCL. Copyright © is asserted by UCL, 2015 and all rights reserved.'
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