Allows students to make 3-D adventure games exploring key features of game design, while learning about narrative structure and basic computer programming concepts.

3D computer games provide a hugely stimulating way to learn.

In Use

MissionMaker lets students rapidly create visually 3D rich worlds for first-person 'Missions' - complete with sets, animated characters, dialogue and music. Students can:

  • select elements from an extensive object library to create a unique game world

  • create and animate 3D characters

  • import their own music, graphics and video

  • set rules for game play

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

  • Instantly appealing learning medium.

  • Encourages strategic thinking and planning.

  • Builds interpretive and narrative skills.

  • Develops problem solving and cognitive skills.

  • Helps motivate reluctant learners.

"The variety of successful curriculum contexts for MissionMaker within schools, demonstrates that games are a significant part of children’s cultural capital, and a potential expressive form which they can develop in the classroom."

Professor Andrew Burn, London Knowledge Labs, IoE/UCL

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