Moviestorm Education enables anyone to make 3d animated videos on their school computer

A full suite of movie-making tools for teachers and students, that promotes engaging and collaborative learning.

With an explorative game-style interface, the software offers the full range of movie production tools; set design, character creation, direction, cameras & editing, supported by a massive library of animations and assets, catering for all projects.

Moviestorm provides a 3D animated video creation tool perfectly suited to creative film and media courses across all educational sectors. Additionally, the package enhances cross-curricular teaching and learning, energising subjects and students in a medium that resonates with the YouTube Generation.


In Use

  • A suite of tools that encourages teamwork and fun

  • Freely share assets, lesson plans and movies

  • Includes pre-made customizable sets, characters and movies

  • Flexible personalize options for props, characters and more

  • Import your own assets, including music, models and textures

  • No animation or artist skills required to be creative

  • Join a highly supportive community of movie-makers and teachers at

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

  • Suitable for younger ages

  • Supports special needs and learning difficulties

  • Cross-curricular - Useful for almost any course or subject

  • Fast film creation, with automated functionality and stock assets

  • Encourages collaborative learning, with students taking on different recognised production roles

  • Re-use existing video projects over time, saving time

  • Varied output options - project file, rendered video, or as a series of stills

  • Encourages storytelling

  • Users can 'hide' behind their 'avatar'

"I simply couldn’t believe what they had achieved in such a small space of time. Moviestorm just makes learning more interesting and fun - it makes us want to be creative!”

Alison Leaver
Spaldwick Community Primary School, UK