Product Strategy and Production Management

Our product management service is founded on a strong understanding of the market, the technology and the customer.

We can help you gain that understanding, utilising customer feedback, quantitative data from your web analytics, research reports, market trends and statistics, before adding our own experience and creativity to define a product vision.

We can assess your own production capabilities, and supplement those through our own network of engineers, artists and QA, with one core focus - to successfully deliver on budget and time. From Product Requirements Specifications through to Agile Production Management, we can ensure that you are fully aware of the process throughout, before successfully taking the product to market.

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We focus on maximising your product's business value, by optimising your products to achieve your business goals and maximising the return on investment.




Our software development and education product experience enables us to make the right decisions.
An achievable strategy is critical, and we will harmonise available technologies with your capabilities, as well as source and manage solutions as a service, as required.


User Experience

We are passionate about the user experience.
Creative educational software solutions need to engage the user without distracting from the core subject.
Understanding the target audience is fundamental to our approach to product design.

"Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn."

Steve Jobs